Training and Development

training Training and development is vital to any business success and individual development. Its purpose is to better the performance of employees to enable them meet business goals. Allowing employees to acquire new skills, expertise and qualifications supports employee progression which leads to increased motivation. This supports retention strategies. Africa Value Solutions ( offers over 50 international best management practice courses to the East Africa labor market. These include ITIL, PRINCE2, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, M-o_R, M-o_V, Cobit among others. View our course catalog at:


Training is about gaining the skills needed for a job. These may be learned at the place of work (on-the-job) or away from work (off-the-job). Off-the-job training is usually carried out by professional trainers. Off-the-job training also occurs away from the distractions of work or through self paced e-learning as is the case with our PRINCE2, project management and ITIL, IT service management courses. Visit:  Training tends to have very specific and measurable goals, such as operating an IT system, learning a project management methodology, understanding a process, or performing certain procedures.


Development is more about the individual – making him or her more efficient at a job or capable of facing different responsibilities and challenges. Development concentrates on the broader skills that are applicable to a wider variety of situations, such as thinking creatively, decision-making and managing people. In short, training is typically linked to a particular subject matter and is applicable to that subject only, while development is based on growing broader skills which can be used in many situations.